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7 Tips By Chris TDL To Manage Stress As An Entrepreneur

1. Believe in yourself and your project

You must be the first ambassador of your project. If you trust each other, you will be able to convince better around you. It is no coincidence that, regularly, many surveys take on the temperature of business leaders’ confidence. This psychological factor is sometimes just as important as the economic reality itself.

2. See in the long term

At first glance, the magnitude of the task ahead of you seems dizzying. Like a long-distance runner, your endurance over time will be rewarded. It is indeed, with patience and perseverance, that you will begin to observe the fallout from your hard work.

Managing stress means learning to accept that embarking on entrepreneurship takes time. You want to make your project a success: give it time to mature.

3. Anticipate

Uncertainty is a determining factor in an entrepreneur’s life. But this does not prevent you from preparing for all eventualities, to better anticipate them. In order to reduce uncertainties, setting up a Business Plan and a financial forecast will help you to see more clearly, in the medium and long term.

In addition, 85% of entrepreneurs admit that what worries you never happens. However, when a problem nevertheless occurs, 80% of respondents say they deal with these situations better than they thought (Happify research). So, positive!

4. Network

The loneliness of the entrepreneur can seem difficult, especially when you have experienced teamwork in your previous career. Therefore, do not hesitate to seek advice around you, especially when making important decisions. You can get closer to networks of entrepreneurs (conferences, networking evenings, etc.), there are now many throughout the country (for example, with the Bouge ta Boîte network).

5. Set a border with your privacy

Wanting the success of your business often involves certain sacrifices at the beginning, especially in the time spent at work. Without paying attention to it, the barriers between privacy and that of the entrepreneur mix. Set yourself strict rules of life: you need to rest and recharge your batteries to regain energy and leave better.

6. Exercise and take a vacation

  • What if, you also learned to relax? Meditation is recommended to relax, and many exercises exist. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes of relaxation to regain serenity to be able to make the right decisions. Also think of massages, they can easily reduce your stress level by a third.
  • In order to stay healthy, the WHO (World Health Organization) recommends 30 minutes of physical exercise a day… this advice is valid for everyone, there is no question of bypassing if you are an entrepreneur!
  • Like sport, holidays are essential. Enjoy the sunny days and recharge your batteries in nature. There is nothing more relaxing. The objective is to empty his head and then take stock of the past year. During the holidays, concerns diverge.

7. Adopt the “positive attitude”

Finally, in your daily life, also adopt a positive attitude to remove doubts. Jumble, here are some leads:

  1. Every morning, think about your day, everything you need to do. Take a good breath and say to yourself “I can do it, I can succeed”
  2. Surround yourself with optimistic people to keep morale up
  3. Treat yourself with a song, by looking at photos… The link between positive emotions and happiness has been proven by positive psychology.
  4. …and laughter and smiles are to be consumed without moderation!

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