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Christopher Alexandre Taylor, known professionally as Chris TDL, is a Business Magnate Serial Entrepreneur,  Media Celebrity, Talent Manager, Photographer & Computer Scientist.

October 2017 he officially opened his Company "CH TDL Company".

Summer 2019, he launches his application "B.influential" Networks intended to put companies in touch with influencers.

September 2019 he opens the label "B.influential Label" intended to publish new artists and an assistant in their evolution in their musical careers.

October 2019, Chris announces and formalized the opening of his new company "Million Hope By Chris TDL" brings together Million Hope Skin (Skin Care Products ) & Million Hope Apparel (Clothing brand).

Mars 2020, He created the company "We Manage You", an artist management company intended to develop future famous people.

Mai 2020, Chris passes media owner status with the founding of his Net Worth Space Media Website (a Media Company with articles and stories covering everything from quotes, Net worths and More.)

My Companies

CH TDL Company

CH TDL Company is a parent managing company or multiple marketing and brand management entities. Services are available for musicians, influencers, creators, entrepreneurs and brands. 

Million Hope Apparel

Million Hope by Chris TDL

Million Hope By Chris TDL brings together Million Hope Skin (Skin Care Products ) & Million Hope Apparel (Clothing brand).

  • Luxury T-SHIRTS

  • Hoodie & Sweat-Shirts



Hoodie & Sweat-Shirts

B.influential Label

B.Influential Label

B.Influential Label’s goals are to promote new and upcoming artists and help them on their journey and give them the recognition they deserve. We aim to give artists, new or old, a platform to help elevate their career. We believe in the creative freedom of artists.

  • Become a B.Influential Artist.
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The Chris TDL Post

The Chris TDL Post is a media company focused on celebrity, game and style.

  • The Chris TDL Post
The Chris TDL Post READ

Net Worth Space

Net Worth Space is a Media Company with articles and stories covering everything from quotes, Net worths, richest lists, self-development lessons, and more.

Net Worth Space | Founded by Chris TDL

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  • Sabrina Photoshoot

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Sabrina Photoshoot


Blandy Photoshoot


Sabrina Photoshoot


Joey Photoshoot


My Quotes

If you think you've never lived up to a situation, you have your own story or you will be the hero.

Chris TDL

Know that the days that are alike are only the illusion of a reality created by your mind.

Chris TDL

Every day is a chance, life is a chance worth living because each atom and molecule in our body are the same as those in the universe that makes up our world and space.

Chris TDL

It takes you 5 years to build your reputation, but 5 minutes to ruin it.

Chris TDL

Believe in your dreams and never give up on your passions, never give up even in spite of the difficulty and the unforeseen, or despite the mistakes that you will make, if you persist in the evolution of your dreams, life will reward you.

Chris TDL

I think it is likely that success will only affect people who will perceive despite the difficulty and mistakes.

Chris TDL

Life may not give you gifts, but even despite the difficulties it is important to keep hoping, luck will eventually turn.

Chris TDL

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